Eye Surgery: What They Don’t Want You To Know

More often than not, man comes face to face with the predicament: to do or not to do! Well, what is good and what isn’t is a case study, but you must look at out-of-the-box viewpoints before you take crucial decisions like whether eye surgery is good for you or not. Read on to get that perspective and research further to make THE decision!

I am a noob. What are my options?

A common form of eye surgery, which is non-laser in nature, is performed for specific conditions of the eye. This is a more traditional approach. A much more contemporary one involves using laser. Usage of laser beams lends greater control to the area operated upon.

There is this new form of laser surgery that is sure to raise eyebrows (forgive the pun)! It is called LASIK and it has been shown that the number of cases in which it has helped in reducing glass-dependency is growing by the day, with the advent of new technologies. You could also rectify cataract by implanting Intra-Ocular Lenses, which is also a cutting-edge procedure.

Oooh! I hate surgery…

Well, of course you can and honestly, should resort to natural means, if you are skeptical about the efficacy of eye surgery.

Through Diet
·    Resort to eating raw fruits and vegetables.
·    Say No to foods that have trans fat mentioned in the label.
·    Eat plenty of Green and leguminous veggies: Beans, Broccoli, Greens etc
·    Balance Omage-3:Omega-6 ratio. To do this, simply consume freshly ground (and sieved) flax seeds. Consume immediately after grinding and sieving, else it might turn rancid.

Eye muscle exercises
Simply blinking rapidly a few times will help you see more clearly and is a long term solution that will improve your vision, unlike squinting which will actually worsen your vision over time. Go easy on it; do not overdo.

1.    Eye warming: Warm your palms by rubbing against each other briskly and immediately press them gently on your closed eyes. Do this daily for 15-20 times.
2.    Water Splashing: Gently splash cold water on your widely opened eyes for 2-3 times a day.
3.    Breathing techniques: Learn Nadi Shuddhi Pranayama from a trained expert and practise at least twice a day.
4.    Bhramari: Learn Bhramari Pranayama from a trained expert and practise at least twice a day.

When does one need eye surgery?
·    It is high time you consulted your doctor if even glasses do not give you a good vision.
·    If you have problems reading fine print, you are being prophylactic (I mean, pre-emptive) but if you are not able to read larger print, you are at the edge of a serious problem.
·    When you are driving, especially at nights, if you are unable to withstand even the lightest glare, this is an indication that you may require eye surgery.
·    Sometimes, your vision may get blurred for a long time and then may get restored. Now, this is a dangerous symptom. You must check with your doctor for a possible grave problem requiring surgery.

I bet there are risks to eye surgery!

Not one, but there are several!

This may not be common but there are patients who have such problems: you end up seeing in duplicate! Sadly, the conditions that they had may worsen after eye surgery.

Combating one of the lesser common side effects, which causes dryness in the eyes is not a big deal but is sure not a moment to rejoice. Another very rare event is loss of eyesight, permanent or temporary. If this is the case, the eye surgery may need to be repeated :-(

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to replace professional advice and should at best serve as general information or tips. You are urged to seek professional advice from practitioners in the field to help you further.

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