Herbal Remedies – The Best Kept Secrets

How wonderful it would be if the answer to all our dreaded diseases costs around a dime, is closer to home and damn easy to practice! Come on, it is all too good to be true, right? WRONG! Read on to find out why…

Welcome, Herbalution!
The Greek warrior Hercules is known to have had the habit of chewing flax seeds every now and then. Well, we do not know if this is indeed true, but what is true (with research backing) is that not only flax but a host of other herbs have miraculous healing properties.

Did you know that if you eat right, you do not need to take medicines at all? Most of the ancient medical philosophies were built on this solid foundation. BTW, eating right means eating the right amount of healthy foods at appropriate parts of the day. It also means making herbs part of our meal. You try the harder way because you have been misled for ages. THINK ABOUT IT!

Herbal Remedies: Too-Good-To-Be-True?

Nah! Too good AND True! Because…

• Herbs do not have side effects.
• Herbs are not expensive.
• Herbs are not exposed to chemicals and other toxins.
• Most herbs have very long expiry period and some, no expiry date at all!
• Herbal formulations are usually best prepared at home in small scale rather than at huge factories.
• The bio-availability of many herbs can be almost entirely preserved intact as herbs are not usually destroyed by heating to a certain degree.

Then Why Haven’t They Caught Up?

• Research backing for herbal remedies has not been established.
• There is a dearth of proper documentation with indications, contra-indications etc. The ancient Ayurveda text Charaka Samhita, originally written by the ancient Indian sage Charaka in Sanskrit, has been largely ignored by the masses as Sanskrit is now a next-to-extinct language.
• Speak of the ulterior motives of huge money-houses!

Can I Have the Menu Card Please?

Chew a few cloves of raw Garlic at least once everyday (preferably just before going to bed) to ward off Cancer, Diabetes, high Cholesterol, Hypertension (high blood pressure) etc. Too good to be true? Believe it or not, it works! Now we even have research backing. After all, you are not going to lose anything if you wanna try: there are no harmful chemicals, it costs only in Cents, it is available at your next door grocery etc! Remember, garlic is a pungent herb and so you need to know this before you consume it. Furthermore, do not cook garlic and do not cut it before eating it. Take a banana or dates or something natural after you eat garlic, so as to reduce the pungency to an extent.

Flax seeds are the richest plant source of Omega-3 fatty acids and they help you control your weight, mange your Cholesterol, Hypertension, aid in digestion etc. Take 2 tea spoons of this wonder herb, grind it using the smallest jar in your mixer and sieve it to make a super-fine powder. Consume it within 5 – 10 minutes, else it might turn rancid.

Diabetes and ED are some of the more chronic diseases plaguing mankind, however, Ginseng formulations come to your rescue. Consult with a qualified physician who would administer appropriate doses to you based on your specific condition. The wonder herb Ginkgo Biloba also has aphrodisiac properties.

As it is, you have just scratched the tip of the ice berg. There have been and are several civilizations, cultures, geographies and their climates in the ancient world, with 100% herbal remedies. You have miraculous herbs in Asia, wonder natural remedies in Africa, priceless home remedies in Latin America just to name a few geographies. Think about it: Man can at best attempt to duplicate nature’s offerings, not create it; artificially synthesized medicines are just one example of this. Isn’t it wise to turn to nature rather than fall for hyped-up, expensive, side-effect prone, unguaranteed artificially synthesized “medicines”?

Well, Any Caveats?!

Nature is not always consistent and some signs that it gives you may be misleading. Be wary of herbs that are not good for you! For instance, a herb called Yohimbe is not good for you; stay away from it. Do your homework before you take the plunge. Or, better still, consult with a qualified practitioner in the field before you pop anything into your mouth.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to replace professional advice and should at best serve as general information or tips. You are urged to seek professional advice from practitioners in the field to help you further.

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