Fashion Accessories: Stay Away From The Hype

Prepare to treat yourselves with practical advice on fashion accessories to enhance and flaunt your beauty. They are, not in that order, hand bags, jewellery, shoes, sun glasses, wallets, belts and so forth.


You could look at flip flops as an interesting idea for your shoes. The other interesting ideas include shoes with printed design of popular symbols, ankle straps and ones with a little fine detail like tiny chains.

Handbags are very important for women if you want to take my advice on fashion accessories. Ones with prints of bold messages or symbols will showcase your dynamic  personality; add to it a pinch of witty humor and you will be perfect. Choose colors that are not so flashy as those might give you a retro look; colors like beige are pleasing as well as elegant. Why not add a dash of your creativity and choose ones with tiny ornaments studded on to the handbags! I am sure you will appreciate this fashion advice.

The jewellery idea en vogue is perhaps a necklace with several layers with several beads. Wear that cute little bracelet in funky designs: amoeba designs and other irregular patterns. Can you afford to miss your wrist watch? Get creative and demand designs that are out of the world; after all, your watch is also a jewel.

Sun Glasses
There is a whole new clan in the offing. Sun glasses and power glasses with thick frames and flashy colors is definitely not off the wall. Choose trendy colors and get that second look!

Some Designer labels for women:
Dolce & Gabbana, Bolongaro Trevor, J Shoes, Fiva, Moschino ‘cheap n chic’, Paul Smith, Oska


Women have ruled the fashion world all along but men are fast catching up. Do not get laid behind… you will not, if you take my practical advice on fashion accessories and trends to re-invent your supremacy in the fashion arena.

Go for large straps if you wanna look funky. But reserve the watches with not-so-big straps for formal occasions. You may want to choose a metal band with a light-colored dial. Take my fashion advice and Good luck, CEO!

Wallets are only used to store money, right? Wrong. Every time you take that wallet out, you are announcing to the world whether you are fashionable or not. Can you afford to declare it in the negative? Nah! Psst…give your wallets an overhaul periodically and that would do the trick. Well, thank me for this fashion advice.

Keep your belts to be worn on formal occasions thin and save those glamorous thick belts to accompany a party animal that is you! Much so, a dual color reversible belt may suit your not-so-formal occasion perfectly. Beware, as many men out there disregard this thoroughly simeple and practical advice on fashion accessories and exclude belts from their list of fashion accessories. Can YOU afford making that mistake as this is a simple and effective fashion advice?

Some Designer labels for men:
Kenneth Cole, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Richmond, Charles Hubert

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to replace professional advice and should at best serve as general information or tips. You are urged to seek professional advice from practitioners in the field to help you further.

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